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Mission 21 partners in Basel offer prayers for Japan

18 March 2011

Dear Sisters and Brother of the Asian Fellowship

Warmest greetings from Basel to all of you!
However, I like to adress especially our Sisters and Brothers in Christ in Japan and want to assure you that we here in the mission house keep praying for the people in Japan as they are experiencing a disaster of unimaginable magnitude.

mission 21 has posted on its website http://www.mission-21.org some information about the situation in Japan including some news I did receive from the UCCJ - thanks a lot! We have added prayers of intercessions.

In sending the information to you, I would like very much to invite all members of the Asia Fellowship to join all Christians around the world and pray for the people in Japan.

I also like to inform especially the staff of the Kyodan that on coming Sunday a prayer service for Japan will be held in the cathedral of Basel.

In solidarity

Doris Grohs
Programme Officer East Asia

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