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Update from PCT to partners in Japan 3/18
18 March 2011

To PCT Partners:

United Church of Christ in Japan (Kyodan) [UCCJ]
Brotherhood of Christ Church - Kirisuto Kyodaidan [BCC]
Jesus Christ Church in Japan [JCCJ]
Church of Christ in Japan [CCJ]
Asia Evangelical Missionary Fellowship [AEMF]
Korean Christian Church in Japan [KCCJ]

cc. NCC-Japan

Dear Friends

It is now one week since the devastating earthquake struck, and the ensuing tsunami engulfed the north east of your country and caused such sorrow. The officers of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) thank you for taking time to respond to our initial message of concern sent last Friday afternoon; we know from experience this is an intense period with many demands and stress as you seek to stand alongside your people at this critical time.

We want to assure you of our continued prayers and concern and also to let you know the PCT has launched a special appeal among our church members. For the first step, PCT released an emergency donation of 10,000USD for the rescue and relief efforts of our partners.

As a further expression of our solidarity and support, PCT appointed and sent Rev. Ng Tiat-Gan (Rev. Huang), PCT Programme Secretary for Church and Society Committee, to Japan on Tuesday evening and he is currently making an initial assessment of how the PCT can best help with the disaster response.

Also we have set up a special space on our PCT website concerning the Japan 3/11 earthquake http://www.pct.org.tw to keep our members informed.

Our General Secretary, Rev. Chang Te-Chien had a prior engagement to attend the assembly of the JCCJ and it is decided he will continue with that visit (19-23 March) thus giving him opportunity to convey the condolences and prayers of our members in person and to hear your stories.

At this time of deep despair we stand with you and pray that God will strengthen the people and government of Japan and grant wisdom to all in this initial phase of rescue and relief that has been further challenged by the severe damage at the nuclear power station. We feel deeply for the families who continue to wait for news about their missing relatives and friends and for those who grieve the loss of loved ones. We pray for the rescue workers who work diligently and surely must be very tired.

When time allows we would welcome further updates and news so we can be better informed how to pray and respond. The Lord be your comfort and strength and encouragement.

Sincerely yours in Christ

Rev. Lai Hsien-Chang
PCT Moderator, 55th General Assembly

Rev. Chiohh Lyian-Syian
PCT Vice Moderator, 55th General Assembly

Rev. Chang Te-Chien (Andrew)
PCT General Secretary

Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
3, Lane 269
Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 3
Taipei 10647 TAIWAN


General Secretary, chang@mail.pct.org.tw
(Admin. Assistant) Ms Carys Humphreys carys@mail.pct.org.tw

Tel. (886) 2-2362-5282 Ext. 361, 261
Fax. (886) 2-2362-8096

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