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Earthquake Damage - Update from the Brotherhood of Christ Church 3/19

19 March 2011

Dear Brothers in Christ

Rev. Lai Hsien-Chang
PCT Moderator, 55th General Assembly

Rev. Chiohh Lyian-Syian
PCT Vice Moderator, 55th General Assembly

Rev. Chang Te-Chien (Andrew)
PCT General Secretary

I am surprised at your immediate and friendly correspondence to the disaster in Japan.

There are 20 BCC churches in the area of the earthquake.

Several church buildings had some damages.

1 church building was destroyed by tsunami. And 4 church members of that church are still missing.

2 churches are located near the nuclear power station which has a big trouble.

But I believe God will encourages us when we bear the hardship through your prayer and help.

Again thank you so much for your thinking of us.

Keiichi Sawa

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