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Update from one of our partners in Japan the BCC Brotherhood of Christ Church Kiristuo Kyodaidan

17 March 2011

Dear Rev. Chang Te-Chien
PCT General Secretary

Thank you for your concern about the earthquake that struck the north east of Japan. Many churches in that area had damages by the earthquake and tsunami. Some pastors and church members are still staying in the place of refuges. Please pray for the church members who are still unaccounted {for}. I believe God will help our relief project.

Please understand that I have to say to you about the 66'th BCC General Assembly. Because of the relief activities, we decided to put off the Assembly. Later I 'll tell you about the rescheduled date.

I already told that Rev. Kouchi and I will attend the 56th PCT Annual General Assembly. I am very sorry that Rev. Kouchi (director Boardof Finance) will not able to attend. He has to support the relief. I will attend as I told you.

Thank you for your thinking of us.

In Christ,

Rev. Keiichi Sawa
BCC, Chairman of the Board of Directors
BCC Brotherhood of Christ Church Kiristuo Kyodaidan

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