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UCCJ updates as March 25, 2011

Dear UCCJ friends,

The UCCJ Moderator Rev. Ishibashi and General Secretary Naito sincerely appreciate your prayer and big financial supports.

Rev. Kato, executive secretary, visited Sendai again and spent a whole day there yesterday to attend the Tohoku District's Executive Committee. He is back to the UCCJ office this afternoon.

I will also try to visit the damaged areas mid-next week, with Rev. Kato, by car. I would assume my reporting to you becomes slower then.

Attached, please find the UCCJ update 3 for this week, which also contains much of info and photographs that I sent you earlier this week. (We tried to upload it in the html file at the UCCJ homepage, but failed.)


Teruki Takada, staff
Commission on Ecumenical Ministries
The United Church of Christ in Japan

81 3-3202-0544 tel.


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