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Letter of thanks for Rev. Chang visiting to JCCJ

Rev. Chang Te-Chien (Andrew)
PCT General Secretary

Dear Rev. Chang:

Thank you for your presence at our 61st Annual Conference and the discussion with the members of Faith and Order Committee.

We are deeply impressed your great vision of the Christian mission in Taiwan,

as well as the compassion for the churches damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.

I also appreciated your sermon on our church at Ikeda.

We thank you for your gift to the relief fund for the damaged churches and people, too.

The receipt is enclosed.

I am going to the area with another board member in the next week.

We will bring the fund including yours to encourage them.

That must be the great joy for them, I believe.

Your visit itself was a .wonderful gift for us.

Our mutual fellowship in Christ was developed greatly through this event.

We have a confidence that our beautiful relationship is lasting forever.

We are also praying for your medical help is realized as soon as possible by the discussion among the related people.

I am going to attend with the chairman of the Board of Overseas Mission to your General Conference which will be held just after the Easter.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at that time.

Thank you again.

Rev. Yoshimi Kamano

JCCJ: Chairman of the Committee

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